How to Submit

Submissions of people and work to be considered for Hall of Fame induction are accepted throughout the year and are judged annually by the Hall’s Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is made up of a 12-member panel of respected Wisconsin Advertising Professionals from a variety of agencies who have worked in the market for at least 20 years or more.

After being chosen, new inductees are notified at the end of May, and introduced in October at the United Adworkers annual 99 Awards held in Milwaukee.

Nomination Guidelines


Requirements for Consideration: Individuals must have worked for at least 15 years at a Wisconsin advertising or design firm or leading Wisconsin brand and have had a significant and lasting impact on the advertising and design community, through their work and leadership in our industry.


The deadline for submission annually is April 8.


To nominate a person into the Hall, please submit a detailed biography, career accomplishments/highlights, awards won and a description of how this person made such a significant impact on the advertising community and why they should be considered for nomination into the Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame.


Nominated Hall of Fame creative work must have been created by a Wisconsin agency/design firm. All work must have been created and have been printed, published or broadcast at least 20 years prior to that year’s submission.


The deadline for entries annually is April 15.


Submit all work digitally. Work should be e-mailed to

For mail submissions, send to:
Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame,
Attn: Laura Gainor
190 S. 2nd Street
Milwaukee, WI 53204


Please include name of person entering, their e-mail, company that was responsible for work, client and title for entry. Also give the year the ad ran, what medium it ran in, and all essential credits, as well as any local or national awards, recognition it received.


For all non-broadcast or radio work, submit as JPGs or PDFs.


Submit TV/broadcast/videos as mpegs or quick-times.


Submit radio spot(s) as mp3 files.


Email with your nominations or if you have questions about the Wisconsin Advertising Hall of Fame.

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